Is Blockchain A Good Career? Here’s 7 Things To Consider

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Let’s Get To The Bottom Of The Increasingly Common Question Being Asked, “Is Blockchain A Good Career?”

The question, “Is blockchain a good career?” is becoming increasingly common among job seekers. To answer this increasingly pressing query, it is important to understand the larger context of blockchain and the jobs it is creating. As is evident from the recent boom in cryptocurrency markets, businesses are turning to blockchain technology to revolutionize their operations. 

Furthermore, many new startups have sprung up as enterprises seek out developers and engineers who can create secure and reliable platforms for their organizations. With its technology-driven focus on ensuring security and transparency, blockchain has opened up opportunities for professionals in a variety of fields such as software engineering, data science, cryptography and finance. Expertise in all of these areas is essential for any organization implementing or looking to explore blockchain solutions. 

In short, far from being a mere buzzword, blockchain is an exciting field with real potential that is ready to be tapped by ambitious individuals who want to make a difference in their organizations. So, is blockchain a good career? Well, whether you’re just starting out or considering switching careers, exploring if blockchain is right for you is definitely worth serious consideration. Let’s explore this question further together.

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What Are The Pros Of Working In Blockchain?

Working in the blockchain industry is becoming increasingly attractive for many professionals looking to advance their career and take advantage of innovative technologies. The skills acquired through this type of job often lead to higher salaries and the potential for advancement is greater than other industries. In addition, those who work in this space get a firsthand experience with the rapid pace of change and adaptation that is needed to remain ahead of the competition. 

Furthermore, cryptocurrency investments are an additional benefit that is often a bi-product of being part of this industry. This is especially appealing to those looking to diversify their portfolio or enter into a new financial market without having a substantial capital behind them. Particularly when equity is offered to employees, as it often is. All these factors make blockchain one of the best career paths available today if you are looking for long-term growth and opportunities. 

The fact that this industry is still seen as a viable option, regardless of how volatile it can be, by asking “Is blockchain a good career?” you’re on the right track. Blockchain continually proves its strength in today’s digital landscape. With its wide range of benefits, it is no wonder why more people each year are seeking out jobs in blockchain related fields. By joining this revolutionary field, you can open yourself up to endless possibilities and endless rewards that will last far beyond your working years. 

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What Are The Cons Of Working In Blockchain?

Working in the field of blockchain technology is an exciting career path, offering the potential to get in on the ground floor of a rapidly growing industry. However, it is important to realize that there are some potential downsides when consider if blockchain is a good career choice. For starters, it is an incredibly technical field, requiring both creative and analytical problem-solving skills, as well as a strong understanding of computer science. 

Furthermore, because this is still a relatively new and ever-evolving industry, it can be difficult to keep up with incoming changes or find reliable resources for learning more about blockchain technology. Additionally, job security may be lower than other fields since there is no guarantee that the projects you work on or the companies you join will survive in the long run. Is blockchain a good career in this sense? It’s hard to say, particularly if you are typically risk averse. Ultimately, those looking to get into blockchain must be prepared for an unpredictable landscape with potential risks. 

However, if they are willing to overcome such challenges, they may find it is an incredibly rewarding industry with the chance to make an impact through their work. “Is blockchain a good career?” is a valid question for anyone to ask and one each hope-to-be professional should carefully consider before deciding if this is the right career choice for them or not. What is certain is that a successful career in blockchain requires dedication and commitment from all those who decide to take this challenging path. 

In return though, once established within this new tech frontier, opportunities abound and can provide significant rewards for those willing to accept its demands and its unpredictability. With the right attitude and hard work anyone can create their own success story within the world of blockchain technology.

Is Blockchain A Good Career For Non-Coders?

A career in blockchain is a big decision, and is one that is often misconstrued because of its tech advancements. Despite there being a need for coders within the field of blockchain, it is important to note that non-coders can also have successful careers in this area. A great way for non-coders to enter the industry is to understand how technologies like personal data protection and tracking products interact with an enterprise’s systems. 

Additionally, knowing at least one coding language is helpful for people looking to work in a role that bridges technical and non-technical aspects. In addition, many employers are interested in knowledge of legal aspects of blockchain technology and its potential implications on an enterprise’s operations. With these skills, individuals without coding experience can make meaningful contributions to this burgeoning field. 

All things considered, is blockchain a good career for non-coders? It ultimately depends on individual skills and interests but for those who possess the right knowledge, this could be a prosperous field to enter into.

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Is Blockchain A Good Career For Millennials?

Over the last decade, Millennials have proven to be a generation of innovators. By embracing emerging technologies such as apps and cloud computing, they have quickly adapted to the changing times. Blockchain is another technology revolutionizing our world, enabling us to store valuable data securely while avoiding centralized control. 

This is a technology which is proving invaluable in many industries, making it an increasingly attractive career opportunity for Millennials everywhere. It is well-suited to their skills in adapting quickly to rapid change; blockchain is fresh and is constantly evolving with multiple new use cases being discovered every day. Furthermore, security is becoming more and more important in our digital age, making the expertise of blockchain developers highly sought after – a skill common to millennials.

The job opportunities for those interested in this field are vast and can range from coding and developing blockchain applications, to managing cryptography or verifying smart contracts. Despite its complex nature, Millennials are well-equipped to evaluate the viability of a blockchain career and find their niche within this exciting new industry. Is blockchain a good career for millennials? Well, if you are a Millennial looking for an exciting career challenge, then pursuing a profession in blockchain could certainly be worthwhile exploring.

Is Blockchain A Good Career For Gen Z’s?

Blockchain is a relatively new technology that is gaining traction in a variety of industries. For Gen Z’s, this presents an opportunity to break into a cutting-edge field that is showing promise for the future. The concept is dynamic and complex, but can also be studied at different levels of competency. 

There are certifications available in fields such as blockchain programming, enterprise application development, and cryptocurrency management. Furthermore, there is already undeniable use-cases within banking, financial services, healthcare and logistics where organizations are building applications based on blockchain networks. This makes it an intriguing option for Gen Z’s looking to establish themselves in a career field with innovation at its core. 

With the right qualifications and exposure to emerging trends such as decentralized finance, big data analytics and digital identity security, blockchain is certainly worth considering for Gen Z’s with career goals today. With advantages like high salaries for qualified professionals compared to other jobs, blockchain is demonstrating value to entrepreneurs as well as corporations alike who appreciate the potential applications of decentralized distributed ledger technologies – making it increasingly attractive to those who see digital innovation as the way of the future. 

All this makes it clear that Blockchain is not only an excellent choice for Gen Z’s seeking an exciting software industry career but is also an attractive investment opportunity with promising returns ahead. Is blockchain a good career for Gen Z’s? It is definitely worth exploring as a viable career option for Gen Z’s in terms of freshness of ideas and competitive remuneration prospects – whether they are involved with development or just keeping up with industry trends and newsworthy technical domains like cryptography principles & consensus protocols in action.

7 Things To Consider When Asking Yourself, “Is Blockchain A Good Career?”

1. The Job Market

When considering is blockchain is a good career, the job market is an important factor. Currently, there is high demand for blockchain engineers and developers. A report from Upwork found that in recent years, the demand has seen yearly increases as high as 3,500%. This is quite remarkable and inspirational for those looking to enter this field. 

With that level of demand, individuals who have the education and experience needed to become successful in this sector can be confident that they will have plenty of employment prospects available to them in the future. Is blockchain a good career when it comes to the job market? Well, job seekers looking to establish a career in blockchain should take a moment to consider how secure they feel not only with their present but also with their future job opportunities and compare the blockchain career landscape with these to ensure they are well aware of the different dynamics at play.

2. Your Skillset

Another thing to consider is your skillset. Those with a tech background – such as programming and coding – are naturally well placed to make the most of an opportunity in the field. But is blockchain a good career if you don’t have these skills? A successful career in blockchain is still very much possible, you just need to know where to look for those opportunities. 

Take project management, marketing or customer service roles, for example. Each job requires its own unique set of skills which could be attained through additional training or learning – allowing you to still move forward and make the best path for yourself when it comes to blockchain. Careers in this space are also especially exciting as there is so much potential for rapid progression and development as we discover new ways to utilize this technology every day.

Is Blockchain A Good Career For Project Managers

3. The Industry

As is the case for any profession, is blockchain a good career is an important question to consider. Blockchain is a rapidly growing technology with numerous possible applications and uses, but if you’re looking to get a job in this space, it is essential to think about which industry is the best fit for you. The financial sector is currently one of the leading adopters of blockchain technology, with banks and other companies utilizing this innovative system for more secure transactions. 

In addition, healthcare companies are leveraging blockchain for its ability to securely store patient data and records, while many governments are turning to this technology as part of their digital transformation strategies. Is blockchain a good career regardless of industry? Not necessarily. It is important to assess your skillset relative to each industry’s needs and determine which is the most suitable fit.

4. Salary

Another factor to consider is salary. It is no surprise that blockchain is becoming an increasingly popular field for tech professionals. Employers are increasingly turning to blockchain developers and engineers to help create secure, distributed applications. With the potential for high salaries and impressive career growth, is blockchain a good career option? According to research from Glassdoor, the answer is a definite yes. Blockchain technology is growing rapidly, creating opportunities for developers with specialized skills such as data analysis and cryptography. 

As more companies move into the field, jobs in this area will become much more plentiful and competitive. With the right set of skills and expertise, a successful blockchain developer can expect to make on average $127,000 per year. This is a significant increase over other similar tech jobs. For tech professionals looking for a well-paying job in an exciting field, it is clear that blockchain is a great career choice. 

5. Growth Potential (This Is A Big One)

When choosing a career, it is important to consider both the current job market and potential growth. Is blockchain a good career when it comes to growth potential? For many, blockchain offers the perfect balance of job security and growth potential. Blockchain technology is still relatively new and is rapidly changing the way businesses and other organizations operate. This means that the demand for skilled professionals is growing faster than ever before.  

As more and more companies begin to adopt blockchain technology, the need for experienced developers, system engineers, and other professionals is only going to increase. Further, as the industry matures, there is plenty of room for business analysts, risk managers, AI engineers and other roles. 

Therefore, when looking into a long-term career investment with plenty of opportunities to develop skills and gain experience while also making good money, then blockchain may be an excellent choice. With its ever-increasing potential and consistent growth potential outside of teaching or academia, blockchain is undoubtedly an attractive option.

When considering that most jobs in this field require technical skills which can easily be acquired online and through vocational training programs, it can be a great way for those with limited experience or access to educational opportunities to jump start their careers. With a combination of solid preparation coupled with some dedication to mastering this new technology, those interested in a promising career should have no problem creating their own success.

Graph Showing Growth Potential For Blockchain

6. Job Satisfaction 

Is blockchain a good career in terms of job satisfaction? This is an incredibly important factor to consider. After all, no job is worth doing if you’re not going to enjoy yourself. But fortunately for those considering it, the news is very good on that front. Studies show that most blockchain developers rate their job satisfaction highly due to the challenging and rewarding nature of their work. 

By its very nature, as with any software development role, a blockchain developer is confronted with complex problems on a daily basis and the opportunity to create meaningful solutions is one of the key rewards of working in this field. On top of this, these individuals have the chance to make an impact on an emerging industry by developing new technologies for companies both large and small, granting them a sense of accomplishment and pride in their work that is hard to match in other industries. 

Ultimately, when it comes to the question if blockchain is a good career choice, job satisfaction should definitely be taken into account when making your decision, as there is plenty reward in taking up such a demanding but interesting profession – providing it’s aligned with what makes you tick professionally.

7. Consistency In Job Availability 

Finally, job availability should be taken into account. Although the demand for skilled professionals in this field is growing quickly, so too is the number of available jobs. As more companies begin using blockchain technology and require developers and other tech-savvy employees with specialist skills, there are plenty of new job openings appearing in the market. 

This is great for those seeking to break into the industry, as there are more options than ever before for individuals looking to take up a career in blockchain technology. Additionally, with the growing demand, salaries and remuneration packages are becoming increasingly attractive which makes it an even more appealing option for those interested in taking it up as a career. 

It’s important to remember that like any industries, companies hire and fire depending on economic cycles and industry movements, but this is not isolated to blockchain. Is blockchain a good career in terms of consistency in job availability? Ultimately, consistency in job availability should be considered as the outlook is very positive, but has some pitfalls depending on the nature of the blockchain company in question.


So, overall, is blockchain a good career? The answer is an unequivocal yes – provided you have the right skillset and interest. However, deciding whether to pursue a career in the blockchain industry is no decision to make lightly. While there is undoubtedly potential for great financial reward, professionals in this sector must possess a deep understanding of its technology, legal implications and impactful applications. 

Even those with the necessary skillset should ask themselves the pertinent questions like: 

  • Is blockchain a good career for my skillset? 
  • What is my true level of interest? 
  • Is blockchain a good career for me right now? 
  • How will I stay relevant in such a rapidly evolving arena? 
  • Is blockchain a good career option once I have more experience? 
  • Is blockchain a good career, but not with certain types of blockchain companies? 
  • Is blockchain a good career for my specific passions? 
  • Is blockchain a good career for where I live? 
  • Is blockchain a good career for my future ambitions? 
  • Is blockchain a good career for me and my family? 
  • Is blockchain a good career in this current economic climate? 

All these considerations need to be weighed directly against one’s existing knowledge base and aptitudes before making any final decisions. As is true with any potential career path, those thinking about entering the blockchain industry will find it most rewarding if they have personal passion toward the work as well as an eagerness to learn and grow professionally. 

If it turns out that blockchain is not your best fit – then don’t hesitate to seek alternative opportunities that may be better suited for you! That is ultimately how anyone will find success – through exploration, confidence in their choices and dedication to learning from experts. Therefore, be sure to do your due diligence before deciding on whether or not pursuing a career in blockchain is something that is truly worth undertaking. Only then can you capitalize on all the amazing rewards such a position can offer. 

If it sounds like something up your alley – then all signs point towards go. Is blockchain a good career option right now? It could be for you. So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the incredible opportunities available, especially those readily available on our leading blockchain job board.