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We believe in a future where financial systems can be accessed by anyone in the world. Why does this matter? Because transparent, collaborative, community-driven innovation that is accessible to everyone is a version of the future that’s demonstrably better than today. So we’re making it happen.First is our creation of Voltz Protocol, a non-custodial Automated Market Maker for Interest Rate Swaps. The protocol is around 3,000x more capital efficient than alternative models, has been blessed by Uniswap Governance, and led to a large Seed round at the end of 2021. Interest Rate Swaps are a core pillar of any well-functioning financial system – there’s a whopping $1,000 trillion of notional traded per annum in TradFi IRS. Put simply, if Interest Rate Swaps don’t exist in DeFi, then DeFi will never become the financial system for the whole of the world. So we’re building it.Who We AreVoltz Labs was started by Stanford and Oxford educated founders who believe in a future that’s more equitable, transparent, collaborative and community-driven. Their first contribution was a zero-to-one innovation, Voltz Protocol, that will unlock the next wave of growth within DeFi and web3 more broadly.Voltz Labs is now a team of creatives and innovators with backgrounds spanning Google, BAML, Meta, Citi and many more. Along with educational backgrounds from Oxford, Cambridge, Stanford and others too. The team is also supported by some of the biggest investors in the world and Angels from the likes of Aave, Compound, Synthetix and Ribbon.